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by georges, March 16, 2015

Sleep Matters is a community initiative aimed at improving people’s lives by raising awareness about the importance of a healthy sleep. Created by Intercoil, Sleep Matters enjoys the support and participation of a number of high profile and passionate lifestyle and healthcare practitioners—Sleep Matters Ambassadors—who believe that broadening the conversation about sleep will contribute to improving the overall wellbeing of the community. Sleep Matters is a platform to unite lifestyle commentators and the community around a shared goal – the importance of healthy sleep. Sleep Matters aims to contribute by:

  • Raising awareness of the importance of good sleep for a healthy life
  • Helping people to identify sleep issues and find ways to improve their sleep and wellbeing
  • Bringing together professionals and authorities to share knowledge and supporting public interest campaigns
  • Becoming the first and most comprehensive resource in the UAE for all information related to healthy sleep

For more details, visit  www.sleepmattersme.com