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by georges, September 30, 2014

Challenges drive us” is one of the core values at Intercoil. Driven by this passion, Intercoil journey witnessed the breaking of three world records. The record breaking events were conducted during the Dubai shopping festival and were part of our CSR commitment which has a two fold objective. First, that of bringing another world’s first to Dubai and secondly, it highlights a relatively less known expression of Dubai – as a manufacturing hub.

These records demonstrate the technological niche Intercoil enjoys and highlights our superior performance in terms of design, planning, coordination and implementation.
Intercoil’s first record breaking event was during DSF2000 when it manufactured the world’s largest spring mattress that measured 10 m long, 8m wide and 60cms height.

By manufacturing the world’s largest bed set, Intercoll entered the Guinness of records a second time and the record breaking bed set was 14 meters long, 12 meters wide and 2.1 meters height. The 2010 DSF witnessed one of the most participative events when Intercoil organized the largest human mattress dominoes event with a total no. of 344 mattresses out performing the earlier record of 244 mattresses.