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by georges, October 3, 2014

Press Release for immediate publication

Intercoil Receives first Dubai Chamber CSR Label

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – May 00, 2011:
Intercoil’s continuous and sincere pursuit of its CSR aims has been recognized by Dubai Chamber, the apex body of business in Dubai Emirate, during a ceremony that took place on May 3, 2011. The Corporate Social Responsibility Label was conferred on Intercoil by His Excellency Hamad Buamim, Director General, Dubai Chamber.

Hassan Al-Hazeem, Managing Director, Intercoil International LLC, said on the occasion: “It is praiseworthy that Dubai Government is recognizing the initiatives and efforts of local businesses in CSR and sustainable development, and thus increasing awareness on the subject while promoting international best practices in this field. It is an honor we are proud of and is a landmark event in our corporate life.” He pointed out that “Intercoil has incorporated CSR in its core ideology, and its goal is to maintain and develop a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with the members of the wider community where it operates.”

According to HE Hamad Buamim, Director General, Dubai Chamber, “the Dubai Chamber CSR Label recognition was initiated by the Dubai Chamber’s Centre for Responsible Business to promote the success of responsible companies which wish to continuously improve their CSR performance. The Chamber is pleased to recognize Intercoil as a Dubai Chamber CSR Label winner and we congratulate Mr. Hassan Al-Hazeem for realising such an exceptional performance.”

Intercoil’s social responsibility centers on the ambitious goal to be proactive in serving the consumer, the society, the environment and the nation. Being a leading manufacturer of orthopedic beds and mattresses in the Middle East region using the latest innovative industrial technologies, Intercoil has committed itself to promoting healthy sleep and increasing consumers’ awareness of its importance in contributing to a healthy life. Hence, the company has invested in several marketing and public awareness campaigns, the most recent of which were the “Healthy Sleep Seminar” and the “Healthy Kids Week”.

To make its CSR campaign even more impactful, Intercoil also provides internship programs for college students, holds awareness events, provides lectures, presents expert opinions on nutrition and healthy living and extends assistance to the needy.


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