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Business Excellence

by georges, September 29, 2014

As one of the leading UAE based manufacturers, Intercoil’s mission is to represent and raise awareness of the superior manufacturing capability of the UAE and to proudly promote the “Made in the UAE” mark. We are an ambitious, dynamic and progressive company, keeping abreast of the latest innovations in the industry and continuously monitoring best practices globally to maintain our leadership position. In the 40 years since Intercoil began operations, we have worked hard to build a brand with the highest quality manufacturing and one that instills trust and confidence.


With 450 employees across the region, we believe that people are the most valuable asset of the company and nurture a healthy workplace culture based on transparency, passion and teamwork, continuously investing in training and development to stay current with changes in technology and management practices. In designing our manufacturing facilities, we not only optimise vital factors such as efficiency, productivity and ergonomics, but also strive to provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees.


At Intercoil, we are able to offer our customers high quality and competitive products by constantly upgrading and enhancing our technology to incorporate the latest advances and innovations in the industry. In our efforts to be on par with top global manufacturers, we have opened a new state of the art manufacturing facility in Ras Al Khaimah and we are the first manufacturer in the region to set up a dedicated lab and testing facility for mattresses.

Substantial investment of more than AED35 million in 2013-2014 has enabled Intercoil to increase manufacturing capabilities and meet its ambitious plans to appoint new subsidiaries and establish distribution points in new territories such as CIS countries, South-East-West Africa, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.


By using environmentally-friendly raw materials, procuring new technologies and improving the long-term environmental sustainability of our products, we are committed to the advancement of sustainable practices. Our R&D department has launched an eco-friendly mattress and our suppliers are informed about the ethical sourcing and green purchasing of the raw materials that go into our production process.

One of the company’s latest UAE community initiatives is Sleep Matters, dedicated to improving the quality of sleep and to helping educate, inform and encourage health and wellbeing for residents in the UAE and the region.